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Local services

Neguac Computer has a walk in repair facility situated in the village of Neguac on the East Coast of New-Brunswick. Check the contact page for more information.

Covid-19 procedure

Due to the global pandemic, I have decided to keep my doors closed to walk in customers. I still take in devices for repairs (10am - 5pm) if I can't troubleshoot them over phone, Facebook or with my remote access application.

For repairs

  • Simply call when you are in the parking lot or ring the doorbell.
  • I will meet you outside, write down your phone number and call you back with the diagnosis.
  • With a little disinfectant. I start as soon as possible. 🙂
  • Sorry I don't accept anyone inside.
  • Cash or E-transfer, your choice.

Need help?

The digital life can get hard at times. Laptops and Computers are subject to wear and tear in addition to the virtual damage caused by viruses, malware and failed updates. We can assist you with a wide range of solutions for your digital needs, even remotely with our Remote Assistance Application.

Since we opened in 2007 we have accumulated the tools, the specialized applications, the network, the know-how and the custom codes. We are equipped to tackle the unknown.

Repairs & Maintenance

We offer fast diagnostic for a wide range of hardware and software related problems.

Problems like...

  • Broken laptop screens;
  • Data Recovery options;
  • Desktop heating, fan making loud noise or any other noises;
  • Device freezes or restarts;
  • Device won't load Windows;
  • Device won't power on;
  • Laptop / Desktop parts replacement;
  • Laptop / Desktop sudden loss of speed;
  • Laptop heating, fan making loud noises or any other noises;
  • Random glitches;
  • Spills, Don't knows and life's little mishaps;
  • Viruses and invalid applications;
  • Wear and tear;
  • Windows updates and softwares updates;
  • You got lock-ups and outs of your device and more...

Our system keeps track of your previous diagnostics to help you make the right choice of repair. We have a certified A+ technician doing all parts replacement and a qualified technician to assist you in your options of repair.

We can help you transfer most or all of your data / contacts and personal information from one device to another.

*For estimates click here*


Tell us what you want to do with what you currently use. We can help you choose the upgrade path that's right for you. Either buying a new or refurbished desktop or laptop, or a part upgrade like replacing an old mechanical disk drive with a fast solid state drive. We can help. Refurbished machines have a 30 day warranty.

Upgrade like

  • Migrating your data onto a solid state drive.
  • Your power requierments for your planned video card upgrade.
  • What memory best fits your system.
  • File storage needs.
  • A way to connect a certain device.
  • Just want it faster.
  • Transferring your data from your old device to a new device.

Custom Built Desktops

Why a desktop in the first place

  • When built the right way with no corners cut a desktop machine will outlast a laptop. Desktops have more upgrade paths then laptops keeping them valid longer.
  • Only a desktop can house the massive video cards needed for demanding graphic oriented tasks such as gaming and rendering.
  • Desktops have better heat dissipation solutions making it easy to run CPUs and GPUs at higher clock speeds. In english this means faster.
  • A desktop computer is usualy setup in a fixed and safe from mishaps enviroment. This makes it the best place to store all the media generated by all your smaller mobile devices. And when it comes to storage needs they can house multiple large capacity disk.

We choose reliable brands that offers individual warranties that we can assist with if ever the event is needed. Most parts come with 1 to 3 year warranty.

Check out available Pre-order designs

Data Transfers

Some times the task of transferring data from one device to an other can be a challenge more so if the device in question is considered archaic.

We work with

  • Negative image strips, Slides, Photographs, paper to Digital images
  • Cassettes to digital audio formats
  • Digital8 and VCR to Digital video formats
  • Device to Device file transfer

Data Recovery

Even if your desktop, laptop or external drives have no signs of life your precious data can sometimes be retrieved. If i can't recover your data at my lab. The data recovery experts at Chronodisk based in lovely Montreal Canada can.


Secure wipe

If your planning on recycling or selling your computer or laptop stop and think about the personal data that could be recovered even after you deleted them.