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In response to this article on arstechnica. Now I can't speak for all shops. And I question their methods of testing for this.

The article says "shops also copied data onto a personal device".

Depending on the job, I copy your data on one of my fileservers / temporary drive with the press of a few buttons because working with no backups is a recipe for disaster. This is deleted after the job is done because I need the free space for the next customer. Big companies may not care about your data and just do a fresh install trusting that you have a backup... you have backups right?
Advice!: Do your backups!

The article also says "Logs on devices from two of those visits weren’t recoverable".

Sounds like that shop ran some maintenance code to clean up useless log files and not "cover there tracks".

Advice!:Running a disk cleanup is always a good idea.

The article then shows an odd chart with "National"?? Regional and Local shops painting local shops as all creeps. Well who has more time to kill? The employee at minimum wage that has no interest of working there for more than a few months and dosen't have to push a broom. Or the lone worker who has paper work, inventory management, research and development, keeping the shop clean, a phone and walk in customers to answer, etc... Running a business is hard work. I don't have time to browse through your data unless you pay me extra for it.

Trust the big companies that can just fire the problematic employee and all is good or the lone shop owner who has everything to lose.

here's an article for ya

Advice!: Don't leave risky pictures on your desktop with large thumbnails! Also, don't save the password for any banking related activities on your browser!

The article mentions using a tool like "Windows Steps Recorder".

If I see that running I will inform you that you are being spied on. Disable it. Clear the log files and recommend you change all your passwords

The article also says "Even worse, repair technicians required a customer to surrender their login password even when it wasn’t necessary for the repair needed."

Are they talking about that "freshly imaged Windows 10" with "the audio driver was disabled"? Microsoft tries their best to have everyone using their email password to login to Windows. And if bitlocker was enabled you will need a 36 character long code from your email to get your data back. But if you don't have a password to enter Windows I don't need to know your password.

But what about the PIN number option? Sure I can use that until a certain random update clears it then I'll need your password.

They say you can check battery health from the bios? I don't see that feature on most laptops so that's total bs. And this is where a thing like bitlocker can turn an easy job into a nightmare.

And your password will not be kept on file unless you ask.

Advice!:Use UPPER and lower case letters numbers and at least 1 symbol "#@$%!?"

In short
  • Your data (when needed) is stored temporarily on a fileserver that is not shared / forwarded to the internet.
  • Your private life remains private. I write custom codes to save time and my eyes from sensitive data.
  • Your passwords are not kept on file unless you ask for it.
  • The only info I keep from your machine are what parts are installed, various health reports and benchmark scores.

Desktops, Laptops and other random devices unclaimed for 2 months will be recycled.
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