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We value your privacy and don't collect any unnecessary information or store any crucial data in your cookies. The data collected is stored on servers owned, operated and maintained by 'Ordinateur Neguac Computer'.

Here is a run down of the data we collect and the reasons why we do so.

Account registration is optional and is only to facilitate purchasing and view order history. The information asked are a Name, a Shipping address, Email, Phone number and a Password.

  • The password should be unique to this site.
  • The password is not stored on this site. only a code generated by the help of your password is.
  • Guest checkout requires a Name, a Shipping address, Email and Phone number. These information are stored and only a site administrator can retrieve them by order ID if needed.

  • Informations such as Names and Addresses are needed to insure packages get to destination and are shared with Canada Post.
  • Banking information are solely handled by Paypal. You will be forwarded to the Paypal secure checkout after confirming your order.This site does not store or require any banking information.

  • A copy of the receipt is stored and registered customers can view this under account settings.
  • Access logs are kept this includes a timestamp entry containting some browser fingerprint information and an ip address. This is the result of the internal workings of the webservers and used to monitor site performance. This site also uses google analytics to help the site administrator view and understand the flow of website visitors.

    This site uses cookies. the data contained in this cookie is a number that is used to lookup the cart data from the webserver.

    The data collected here will not be sold or shared with any other third party unless required by law.