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2020 taught us that there is always a solution to life's problems. If you run a store and need to get it online you came to the right place. I pushed the development of my web platform to save my store and it is now available to rent*.

I didn't write all of this in 2020 but it sure came in handy. I did rush the release of my website and dropped many side projects to fix and improve this solution. There is still a lot of features I would like to implement and they will come available as I write them. If you need a truly custom solution accessible and secured by this platform, that can be arranged.

I am actively writing on this solution as this runs my store, website and life. I could not operate without it so I do my very best to maintain data integrity, uptime and security so you can do with what you do best .. run your business.

*Limited offer. Canadian business only. Serious inquiries only.

More than just a website

Having a website is one thing but you need the tools to manage and bridge the virtual and physical worlds together. This platform will let you do websales and direct sales, add inventory with ease, manage customers and more. All from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Key features

  • Administrative Panel
  • A secure way to log in and manage your business available on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

  • Website controls
  • A website connected to this platform will let you make changes to key sections of your website with ease without writing any code. Changes like adding and removing pictures to galleries, items for sale or custom texts. Automatic changes and updates can also be triggered such as notifications on web sales, automatic search engine optimisation on item listings and more.

  • Customer management
  • Lets you Add and manage customers with custom and predefined fields. View, print, email receipts and invoices. Associate pictures and documents.

  • Custom fields
  • This solution is designed to adapt to your business, your Data, and not try to impose too much changes to your operational day to day. Making entering and updating your inventory easy. Comes equipped with a variety of custom field options to help you visualise and utilise your data.

  • Websales
  • Easy processing of your websales using the order fulfillment page. Notifications and tracking options. Flexible shipping options.

  • Direct sales
  • Built in "Point Of Sales" in your administrative panel lets you do direct sales and invoices with the possibility to send them to the order fulfillment page.

  • Paypal
  • Process websales with Paypal as a payment option. This means you don't deal with customers credit card or banking informations and brings an instant trust that the payment will be safe and secure.

  • Canada Post
  • Print and Pay your shipping labels from the order fulfillment page. Calculates the shipping costs live for your website customers.

  • Inventory Tracking
  • With your choice of printed Code39 barcodes or newer QR codes and a locations dropdown you can track online and offline inventory.

    Included with the deal

  • 5gb web hosting storage
  • 5gb Email storage with up to 10 email addresses
  • 5000 items in Database
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited bandwidth**
  • SSL (https)
  • Limited administrative panel access
  • Support
  • So How Much

    Initial website development + Setup + First year of services *$3000.00+tax

    Yearly operating fee after the first year *$599.33+tax

    *Some extra fees may occur depending on the needs of the customer. Prices are in CAD

    **Shared overall speed. Can be negotiated at an extra cost.

    Just Need Exposure?

    If you just want exposure, an extra way for clients and potential customers to reach you. If you want the possibility to edit key areas of your website to showcase products and services. It can be arranged.

    Starting at $321.88 + tax for a single page + 1 year hosting + support and 100$ +tax per extra page. Un extra 50 $ +taxes par page pour la traduction fran├žaise.

    Yearly operating fee after the first year *$71.88+tax

    *Prices are in CAD

    Included with the deal

  • 100mb web hosting storage
  • 1gb Email storage with up to 3 email addresses
  • Backups
  • Unlimited bandwidth**
  • Limited administrative panel access
  • Support
  • *Shared overall speed. Can be negotiated at an extra cost.


    Contact me.

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